AR (3-2-1945 / California)

I Heard Love Was Blind

I Heard Love Was Blind

I heard love was blind
Is that why you were so hard to find
You were standing right in front of me
But with my eyes wide open I couldn’t see
I used my heart instead of my brain
So who am I to complain?
I heard love was blind
Even if you are kicked in the behind
I guess I saw right through you
So now what do I do
Love is not only blind but it’s not free
It will cost you to the nth degree
It’s a race with time
A vivacious circle you can’t unwind
I’m twisted all inside
Ready to regurgitate my pride
And it’s not like I’ve done this before
Don’t want new depths to explore
I heard love was blind
A lesson for all mankind
It will tug on your heart strings
Pull in all directions till it stings
So roll the dice in this game of love
And hope someone is watching from above

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