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I Heard The World Crying
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

I Heard The World Crying

I heard the world crying
As though she was dying,
And then came the rain
As though sympathy to her pain,
She was being polluted
And her body was being looted,
Myself and a million more sighed;
She just cried.

I heard the world moan
But, she was not alone,
I and a million more didn't like how she was treated
She was used, and abused, and cheated,
She gave us all a home to live
But, we took, we destroyed and we didn't give,
Promises to help her were broken and unkept;
She just wept.

I heard the world grieve
Maybe from what she couldn't believe,
Pollution it was now everywhere
And seemingly to her, no one did care,
They dug inside of her for coal and oil
They polluted her waters and the air and the soil,
And when man's protection for her failed;
She again wailed.

I heard the world howl
Then I heard her growl,
With her mighty winds and storms
From all of nature's platforms,
But, we won't care and we won't listen
Then will come an instant frisson,
We will ignore, and then us the world will deny;
She will die

Randy L. McClave

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Comments (26)

the poetic grievance is wonderfully expressed in this poem to the polluted world and to its liable persons /// congrats for being selected as POD
A poignant bit of verse written with clarity of thought and mind. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations on this wonderful poem being selected Poem of the Day. An amazing poem crafted that depicts the demise of our future world.
Great poem, Randy. One of your best, I think. Congratulations for having it selected AGAIN as member poem of the day!
Apt work to be celebrated and included, we as a species have used and exploited this world, to a point were we have nearly caused a collapse, perhaps today nature is fighting back. Well done.
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