A Blood Relation

They argue it as syndrome of blood relation
Is it matter of convenience or though elevation?
It is not difficult to understand in simple context
We let it pass of ignorantly as mere pretext

There is definite push and pull mechanism
It is equally good to have bond in humanism
It least somewhere we show some kind of attachment
There is long list of hierachy and goes on as movement

There is restriction at each and every level
It goes on and to develop and exceedingly marvel
How loosely we remain to be connected in sphere
It is always peaceful, harmonious and I healthy atmosphere

How parents rear their children in responsible manner
They may grow in full adulthood later or sooner
There is complete love in the eyes of every member
Proper care is taken in all the aspects and closely remembered

Time and tide change with the advent or passage
The strong bond or relation remains only message
Everybody loves to remain under one shield
Family as such remains one identity and only field

Children unduly demand and expect something more
They often enter into clash and go for the possibilities to explore
Sometimes it turns into battle field and unruly scene is created
Relation turn sour and all the niceties is cremated

Brother to brother act as sworn enemy
The relation goes on vane simply for money
Parents watch helplessly and condemn the move
They often curse the luck but unable to prove

The entire relation hangs on bare thread
No one bothers to understand or read
Elders try for patch and plead
Elders go in different direction and try to lead

It is happening everywhere and no one is exception
There is different dimension in relation since inception
No one can claim free from any diversion or friction
Still family bond remains as complete addiction

Had there been complete transparency in relation?
It should have excelled in all the direction
Of late it has developed visible cracks
The complete theory is thrown out of tracks

The joint families are breaking and new concept takes over
They try to limit their goals and don’t try to recover
We remain only on name remain in blood relation
There is always mistrust and does not sound well with indication

Even close acquiesce turn into blood thirsty
We can lament only and feel pity
Though it remains still as strong bond with attachment
All get united when it is felt for a moment

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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cool dear, keep the fire burning...
Beautiful love poem, well articulated and insightfully brought forth from the heart. Highly relatable, focussed and factual. Thanks for sharing Felista.
Welcome to Poem Hunter Very nice start...10