I Heard You Been Asking Around About Me

I heard you been asking around about me, someone told me
What did they say I wonder?
Did they tell you, am a wild hearted girl?
Did they tell you they suspect I might be a witch?
Did they tell you, I let no one step on me?
Did they tell you I am not submissive?
Did they tell you at times am like a nuclear missile?
Did they tell you am no virgin?
Did they tell you I have broken hearts?
Did they tell you when I love,am like madness?
Did they tell you my love is not for the faint hearted?
When you are done asking come spend some time with me then you may find out,
My heart has no virginity left, it has been broken into a thousand pieces
Did they tell you I will love you, yes I will but with a lot of caution.
When your desperation to know me is more than your fear of my rejecting you,
Come I will show you I do not bite and that you and I have more in common than just being humans


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cool dear, keep the fire burning...
Beautiful love poem, well articulated and insightfully brought forth from the heart. Highly relatable, focussed and factual. Thanks for sharing Felista.
Welcome to Poem Hunter Very nice start...10