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I Held You Like A Diamond In My Hands

I held you like a diamond in my hands
But you were sharp and cut me
And still I held you close even more
I would not be parted.
I bled and my hands were sore
But I wanted you to be close even more
You were so lovely and full of value in other-
peoples eyes
but my eyes were sore from tears
and the sighs from my lungs had grown heavy.
I had to let you go
I dropped you and you were gone
But I began to heal
From now on I’ll have to survive on my own
And learn once more how to feel free
Because to possess you was not enough
And love is sometimes tough on lovers
And sometimes we have to let go
Of loved ones we know who cannot love us truly
But one day they might learn of love they spurned
That was true and given freely.

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I hope this is the Danny I know. If not thoight your poems speak to me