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I Hide
ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

I Hide

I hide within a culture where black people
kill their brother everyday
no other culture on this earth
slaughter humans in this way..

listen to what I say! …

I hide within a culture where white rulers estimate
the body count…the after effects..
of the importation and proliferation
of drugs and alcohol
of guns and disease…and biased media..
that they control…

the ‘when and where and who …will fall’

these white men have no soul…
world domination is their goal

white rulers that get rich from war..
old racist men that know it all..

I hide within that culture ….

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It's amazing how racism was supposively over with, But it still shows up now. Around schools and even on tv. I have no problem with Black people. But it makes me mad when we pretend to be fine. Then you hear something didn't happened because of the color of their skin. Everyone is a human being. We may be different on the outside and have different personalities. Were all people though