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I Highly Recommend You Find Another Job
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I Highly Recommend You Find Another Job

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You want the oven turned on,
But you don't want to go into the kitchen?
And you expect the pots and pans to be spotless,
Because you are a new arrival.
With a jumping into this heat...
With a full set of teeth seen grinning from ear to ear.

And you wish the others to greet you,
Living in the home as if you are a queen...
And 'not' the MAID they will believe they own?
I highly recommend you find another job!
Because this one you 'claim' to qualify for,
Is not going to be what you've been led to believe.
Because of positions you have had before.

You will not believe how unique this one will be.
The people living in this home,
Think of it as a mansion.
And not only expect you to be the chef...
They expect you to clean up after them,
And cater to every whim they have for you to expect.
With no complaints from you about being worked to death.
Or moaning about being disrespected.

And before you leave for the day,
Be sure to mow the lawn and scent each pillow...
That the 'family' living here sleep on!
And after you have made the beds,
From hand washing and Sun drying clean sheets...
Go to each one and listen to their sorrows.
They will love you for it!

I wouldn't advise you to wear make-up on this job.
You've come to serve.
Not the other way around!

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