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I Hold Them Dear


Hate concealed my pain
Blame replaced my soul
In my heart
It will always be
Your fault


Love is yours to keep
Forever to live
For you I will not stand
I will love lines
You will love the heart


Double-crossed and deceived
I believed your curses
At first I thought I knew
Then I discovered
That I do know you


So vague
Yet so hateful
Deals with pain
Conceals the rage
Lies for living a life


You are not trust-worthy
Because you can't trust
You live your life
Of scams and fights
Hoping someday you'll die for pride


You are too kind
And are to be taken advantage of
For you life
Is that of your intentions
Is that of others


So stupid in your ways
Of giving in to old men
And loving me for nothing
You love me; I hate you
But will I always put up with your heart?


I loved you once
I still do
For such friends
Are precious and dear
And should not be strewn


Angry for so long
Everything must die
And all hope for me
To have is gone for now
But it just doesn't feel right


So mysterious and wise
I find myself wondering
About you at night
How your brain works
And how you see into me


The inside of your heart
You pin on the walls
And were anyone
Interested enough to ask
You would pour out your soul

I hold them dear
And close to my heart
Whether it
Be hateful or full of love
I hold them dear

by Can I Live?

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