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I Hope
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I Hope

I hope you surf the waves in form the ocean,
Big and small.
I hope you watch the sunset,
From a mountain straight and tall.

I hope you can sing a song to all the angles,
Loud and clear.
I hope you will try new things,
Never giving into fears.

I hope you fall in love,
With one who makes your world go around.
I hope that if you fall out,
Your feet will stay on the ground.

I hope that you can understand,
That true love waits for you.
That you may have to wait a while,
But when it comes it will be true.

I hope you find a rainbow,
And realize it was worth the rain.
I hope through you journey,
You will learn to balance smile with pain.

I hope that you realize,
Life isn't always on your side.
I hope you know when hope is lost,
In me you can confined.

I hope that your glowing smile,
Brings someone out of gloom.
I hope you taste your life,
With more than just a spoon.

I hope that when you are lost,
You are also one to find.
And I hope that you hand,
Never grows too big from mine.

I hope watch the stars shoot by,
Upon a grassy hill.
I hope you know that I love you,
Always have and always will.

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Comments (6)

lovely too its a good poem i think
i am feeling it...lovely poem
I thought I was the only one, but, yeah, it made me want to cry, too.
I love this poem. it was so true. you put heart in soul into it. it was so heartfelt. it almost made me cry.
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