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I Hope By Then
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I Hope By Then

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

When yesterday came,
It seemed as if I wanted you more.
It seemed my craving would not stop...
I could not block you out of my mind!

When yesterday came,
I attempted to resist
Doing a 'love stalking'...
So you would find me available and walking,
Close enough to run up to and touch.
By 'accident'!

We would then caress and giggle much...
And you would ask me not to leave!

When yesterday came,
I had so many thoughts like these!
And today I have more...
With thoughts of you from me to adore.

Although I am not so sure right now,
If today you would notice me at all!
It's not like we have been introduced.
I'm just seduced by my imagination.

And when yesterday came
The plan I began to have you in my arms,
Will someday meet with your approval.
Tomorrow's refusal will not be allowed,
To come to play!

I'm not entertaining that possibility today.
I'm transmitting something you're going to like.
Every inch and cranny!

Whenever I get my new 'pics' done...
I'll email you one to 'update' my profile.
I want to keep that image you have of me,
Fresh, exciting and with little to disappoint...
When you lay your eyes on me.

I hope by then...
You will be forgiving and not into images,
But into me!
With flaws accepted.

I hope by then,
Your heart has transcended...
Beyond preferences.

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