I Hope You Get The Hint?

From whatever angle you choose to look.
From whatever glance you make...
To be caught in a double take.
There will be nothing I will do,
To give you the impression...
I have the remotest interest,
In a child wishing to play grown up games...
With an old man aiming to take a nap!

I hope you get the hint?

Especially when those games begin,
To reveal a boring limited mind.
Those tease to get me naked days have long gone.
Whatever you think I've got,
You better come and get it quick.
Or act like you want it with more aggressiveness.

Do you mind if I practice approaches to molestation,
For my college thesis?
You 'can' say no! '


'It is for my Doctorate's Degree.'

Where will you begin to fondle me?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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