I Hope You'Re Happy

I hope you’re happy
Look what you did
See this glass on the floor
It was my heart
I picked up the pieces
My hands bled
I let the blood run
Onto my clothes
The carpet
My bed
Remember when you loved me?
I think your feelings lasted for about a moment
You promised to never leave me
Your promises are the kind that are empty
Maybe there was something to what you promised
Maybe you promised that someday I would feel empty
Cause then that would make sense
Maybe I imagined everything?
Remember we were talking and I said I love you
And I begged you to say it back
You said I had to wait
Till noon
Those ten minutes of waiting for you to say three words felt like a life time
It's noon are you going to say it again?
Well I don’t know how to express what I feel
So I guess I’ll do what I do best…
Love you

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