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I Hope You Remember Me
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I Hope You Remember Me

I hope you remember me when I turn to dust,
Remember I had a soul too,
I liked to walk in the hills and speak of silly things,
I liked to make you smile by being a spoilt princess,
I threw my toys out a lot; I liked it when we sang songs together,
And we went places together, the seaside and walks with dogs,
And bike rides,
I liked blowing bubbles,
And growing vegetables,
And chasing rabbits and talking to guinea pigs,
I was not very patient and quite selfish,
I did not like myself much until one day I did,
And then everything made sense,
Well most of it,
I met you and you met me and it was simply beautiful,
And I am grateful for this,
For sunsets and sunrises,
Little girly giggles and smelly teenage boy niggles,
And bonfires and little sweets,
And wine by the glass,
But mostly for you loving me as me,

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who can ever forget you just can't even think do read my moms smiles etc poems SG
Congratulations Sharon Genade. This is your signature poem. Keep on writing. That's a beautiful poem.
Very pleasant poem to read. Congrats on poem of the day!
An inspiring poem that puts endless smiles on all faces. Nice
Your words made me reminisce of my past. Beautiful to read.
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