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I Hope You Rise Above (Christmas Poem)

I'm sad inside as thought comes to mind
my tongue tastes like salt
my eyes get moist as I think
I blink, a tear falls, but my thought is kind:
I hope your rise above

Loyal hearts who struggle
Lonely souls who dream to hug and snuggle
People who suffer lies
By those who abandon, ridicule and chastise
I hope you rise above

Weary mothers who work so hard
Single mom's whose hearts are scarred
Whose dreams are crystal clear
but who are handed just a broken shard
I hope you rise above

Old men who dreamed of love
Who grew weary waitng on above
whose hearts were broken
the moment love was felt and spoken
I hope you rise above

Young girls who were sweet and kind
'till abusiveness did remind
and tried to break your heart and hurt your mind
healing I hope you find
I hope you rise above

Crippled children who've done no wrong
who try to smile and sing but lose the song
Your hearts are pure and you belong
You're full of bravery though your struggle is long
I hope you rise above

Good women who loved someone
and felt in their heart that person was the one
whose life shined briefly like the sun
and have trouble facing its over and done
I hope you rise above

Weary hearts who lost a friend
who feel destitute and without care
who wish, if only for a moment someone was there
to belive again that life can be fair
I hope you rise above

And for anyone I did not mention
You're included too, that's my intention
sometimes caring must be our own invention
I send a prayer for your ascension
I hope you rise above

Realize you have a heart that's full of love
Your suffering set free and turned into a dove
This Christimas you're the one's I'm thinking of
The good souls we should all notice and belove
I hope you rise above, to share a little of your love

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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