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I Hurt And Hurt
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Hurt And Hurt

Blood running everywhere.
Dripping all down my skin.
Still not enough.
Must hurt some more.

It's my way.
To get through the day.
To keep my hell at bay.

Bang my head against the wall.
Still not enough.
Must hurt myself some more.

Find a weapon.
Find and open my speacial box.
Must do some more.

For hurt I do.
I'd rather hurt on the outside.
Hurt even more

Amy Kerswell

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writing doesnt do anything but give false hope, to think someone feels how u feel is stupid, writing isnt enough
dont hurt yourseif ok we dont want u to hurt your self we love u
dont hurt yourself Amy WRITE! Put your pain on paper it will help you + others.xx