I Invited You To Visit

'You are despicable and rude.
Self serving and inconsiderate.
Impossible 'and' also stubborn.'

Finally we have reached an agreement.
I hope what I say to you next,
Will not offend your high expectations.
But it is from 'my' point of view,
As you probe to dig in 'my' backyard...
You have disrespected my hospitality.
I invited you to visit. Not steal.

'I'm tired of hearing your accusations.
First it was your missing toolbox.
And I only borrowed it because you weren't using it.'

So you do admit you have it?

'Do you need it? No.
Then you accused me of stealing your water hose.'

Did you replace it?

'Why should I?
Didn't you buy a new one?
And NOW you have the audacity,
To keep vegetables you have grown...
Without sharing them with me? ? ?
You have more than enough to feed your needs.'

But this is MY property.
I pay the taxes. I pay the bills.

'It's always about 'you'...
Isn't it? '

I think you have taken this 'neighbor' business,
Much too far.

'Oh yeah?
And I think you are ungrateful and unappreciative,
Of the time I have given.
When I don't have to watch your back as much as I do.'

You're stealing to take advantage of me.

Call it what you want.
So I guess you're going to change the locks,
On your front and back doors? '

You have a key?

'Keys! I have keys! '

You are nothing but a thief.

'I am not going to stand here,
While you attempt to further ruin 'my' integrity.
And I believed you were a good neighbor.
But all this time you were deceiving me,
With false sincerity.
I am very disappointed by your reaction.'


'Go ahead.
Get loud and ignorant.
I was warned by the others...
You can be two faced.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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falase sincerity, nothing but a thief, thanks.