I 'Is' What I 'Is' Too

I 'is' what I 'is' too.
But there is an acknowledgement,
Coming from a knowing of that.
I have had to accept a self examination,
Away from those who felt a need to discriminate.
With a facing of opposition,
Whenever it appeared and came my way.
I could not afford,
To hide my face behind masquerades.
Or choose if I could to charade my identity.

I 'is' what I 'is' too.
And everyday I seek ways to improve.
But to use what I 'is' as an excuse to prove it,
Has never provided me a benefit...
With a sitting to get empathy from anyone.
Even though I 'is' what I 'is' to be the man I am,
I am still feeling abused by those who confuse...
That 'is' who I am,
As a means to amuse themselves as a reward...
With a getting of publicity and at my expense.

Enough of this self confessed grandiosity.
Enough of this over-expressed self obsession.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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