I- It Was I, Judge It Was I

She stood up and Said I, It was I,
at the moment the hammer swung,
Silence screaming as she continued,
I, it was I, the sweet, the shy, the young.

Disbelief abducted all bystanders
they were held prisoner in a convicts eyes,
The jury was forced, made to believer her,
they were held hostage, captives, beneath her lies.

And she held her head up high,
as if she were confessing the truth,
the court believed the offense to be serious,
and she would not be tried as a youth.

Back row, of a sea of chairs, she rose from,
the audience gasped, as if searching for air,
Horror, terror, ripped through the room,
The judge asked of her, girl, do you swear?

She approached the robe slowly but without hesitance,
nodding her head matter of factly along her commute,
she believed the lies that uttered forth from her lips,
To the judges eyes she begged, please do prosecute.

She stood up and said I, it was I,
as she stared herself in the eyes,
silence, as if her heartbeat stopped,
I, it was I, it was I, just as they did surmise.

by Jessica D. Hernandez

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