I Just Cannot Look Into Your Eyes

Hey you, young boy
you are younger, yet I seek your opinion
You take away my joy
You seem stronger, so sure of your dominion

Why do I always let
you get away with hurting me so bad
You take what you can get
You just betray and leaving me feeling sad

I just cannot look into those eyes
They are so stabbing
Their piercing look cannot disguise
that they are grabbing
my esteem away

Hey you, young guy
Your are long gone, though I still feel like
I never said goodbye
Your stare goes on, still able to strike

Hey you, young man
You are here no longer, but I still hear your voice
I had made a plan,
was supposed to get stronger, that was my only choice

But still your shadow keeps lingering on
Why do I still care
about those eyes that are now gone
I see their glare
taking my esteem away

I still cannot look into your eyes
because I see my reflection
and it shows to my surprise
the biggest rejection
of me is me

by A. V. Asreg

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