I Just Died

there were so many things
i did not do
so many things
that i did not know were true

experiences i will never come to know
still so many places
i had planned to go
there were so many people

i was supposed to meet
but now here i am
lying beneath their feet
so much growing i had left

and was given no chance
to become perfect
i had dreams
that will never be filled

i had goals
that were, up, gone, and then killed
i had so much i was going to be
but up and away my life had flew

so many things i had planned in my mind
but i wasnt given enough time
because before i knew it
i had just died

by Selina Munsey

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i can feel the echo of your thoughts...a good lesson, a good art.....a perfect advice...live the best while the heart is beating...let me hear your song Selina...late at night when all the world..is sleeping...