I Just Do It For The Enjoyment

I hear this all the time:

So you're a writer?
What else do you do?
How much money do you make? '

I write poetry!

So you like to write 'poooems'?
I use to do that,
When I was in elementary school.
You make money from doing that? '

I just do it for the enjoyment!

'Oh gawd!
You're one of those sentimentalists?
One driven by emotions and unresolved issues?
Confused by life!
And abused by a dysfunctional upbringing.'

I suppose.
But I currently have two books out!

But no one's into reading poetry! '

Me either.
I didn't say I read it!
I write it!

You 'must' be doing it for the money? '

Not yet!
That's next!

'You want me to help you? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Once you're seen by the others as going against the grain you'll made to feel the sting of society once in a while, even there were no trifling of stain on you. At the dawn of day hornets are the most aggressive, might even sting a man for no reason at all