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I Just Gotta Write
CW (12/10/78 / Brooklyn, New York)

I Just Gotta Write

I Just Gotta Write

What is this feeling that has come over me?
I can't understand it, just taken over totally.
So many words, so many phrases.
I just have to fill these pages.

I haven't been able to focus on much.
I've been inspired with one single touch.
Once again, God's gracious gifts bestowed.
I'm simply amazed, truth be told.

I feel like a balloon filled to the maximum extent possible.
I'm about to burst, it's unstoppable.

I gotta write this poetry. Lord I'm willing, make me able.
I'm even writing at the breakfast table.
Nobody but God has planted this seed.
I open my heart, use me indeed.

I'll be the paper and You be the pen.
Write on my life and I'll tell your story ‘till the end.

You gave your life for us, and want ours in return.
To be more like Jesus, there's a lot to learn.
The way is narrow and the path is straight.
Make it right with Christ, before it's too late.

God has smiled upon my life.
His light is so bright, that I just gotta write.

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Comments (4)

I really like this poem, you use some really strong images that i won't forget in a hurry! Keep it up.
and what a wonderful write it was, such a joyous poem, thank you for sharing it
That was very good poem, I might say! ! I feel like that at times like 'I just gotta write'.And who else better to tell your story but the LORD! ! grace and peace! ! ! !
I can really relate to this one Charmaine! Very nicely written. Sincerely, Mary