I Want To See You Succeed

I can see the dedication!
For a very long time you were patient too
Chasing dreams...
Like an angry bear was chasing you
Staying cool under pressure
Full of moral fibre
With the courage of convictions for your normal trials
So a rolling stone gathers no moss
And they ain't lying...
Satan's trying those after the Cross
A little bird told me a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
A major pain or a way to place the hanks at bay
It's like trying to squeeze blood
From a turnip...
You can't help a person move if they wasn't determined
Keep your nose on the grindstone and do what you're doing
I want to see you be successful
Only you can pursue it

by Dexsta Ray

Comments (6)

a good narrative poem. a sad story. never say die. keep trying to be you.
A rivoting piece, that sobers & humbles, Barbara Lynn..IF THIS WORK BE OF AN AUTO-BIO PERSUASION, IT IS VIRTUALLY UN FATHOMABLE, HOW POSITIVE, AND UP-BEAT YOUR VERVE, AND SENSE-CONSCIENCE DEMEANOR DISPLAYS ITSELF...This is Superb Work, by a committed, and sharing Poet&young lady.'''''''''''''''''''''FJR
A admirable autobiographical piece. Be YOU, brave Barbara. Regards, Susie.
Locked away, as a child, in an institution for nearly six years for wanting to be the person you are inside! How sad. And, thankfully, how times have changed. You are a woman of courage and enormous strength, Barbara. Keep your chin up and hold your head high. I have only just discovered your poems but will read more. Love, Fran xx
An experience, or should I say situation/emotions, to which so few can relate, but you really give your reader an insight into your feelings, and something of a wake-up call for understanding, with the finest of pens. Absolutely bucket-loads of admiration to you, Barbara, as poet and as person. t x
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