I Just Like Her...

Poem By Scott Lennon

I just like her.
Reasons are unnecessary
Excuses superfluous
She stirs inside me
Too good to neglect
So I bathe in them
Let them wash over me
Swallow me
Until they become permanent
A mark not to be erased
A part of my heart
I need not explain
What causes all else to fade
When she is here
Or when she is away
Always in my heart
Never distant from my thoughts
She becomes
Day by day
Thought by thought
Touch by touch
More a part of me
I can’t help but let it happen
I couldn’t fight it if I tried
If I wanted
But who would want to fight
What glows in a dark
Satisfies a hunger
Dances in a void
With my heart, the elated audience
Moved, and yet
Questioning how it is me
Who holds her hand in a crowd
Kisses her cheek
Makes her smile
The smile that skips inside me
Tickling places only she has reached
A kiss is never too warm
An embrace never long enough
To feel her hands run up my back
Her skin under my palms
Her chest rising against mine
With breaths so soft.
My fingers absorb her hair
Swimming through her gold
Jealous of a her bobby pins
Every so often
I dare pull away
Look into her eyes
I just like her
Never mind why.

Comments about I Just Like Her...

Lovely...I love the way you expressed and depicted the passion that took place between the characters....very nicely written Scott Lennon.

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