I Just Sat There

I just sat there with no intention in mind
The atmosphere was burning with the fire
Of cruel sun- it was the hottest day defined
And probably the noonday, as one couldn't find
His own dark shadow, all around his attire

I knew not from where I'd got there to sit
Nor had any idea about the destination, but
I could see a path before me almost sunlit
Yet my heart didn't give me the permit
To leave from there, to leave with strut

The relentless battle had been started, between
My heart and the mind- both undefeatable
The reason of battle was neither known nor seen
I could do nothing but vent my spleen
Sitting calm and alone surrounded by the rabble

The bench I was sitting on was must be exhausted
As he produced some weird creaking sound
But my hands and feet were tied with distorted
Thoughts, so I could not stand, although I wanted
Alas! He became the prey of my merry-go-round

I wondered for a while if I was getting delay
But ended up with none, so I sat there unafraid
I wasn't bored, perhaps my heart was by the way
Of his dead whisper- 'should I leave or stay? '
And the conclusion was yet to be made

The tired sun gave the message of death
Of the day, whose glare had already gained
The gloom of dusk, and just underneath
The gloomy sky, with a dissatisfied breath
Along with the exhausted bench, there I remained.

by Banik Rai

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