I Just Thrill To Your Touch

I felt a fire raging, deep inside..
started by a spark from your eyes.
And when I finally heard the 'voice',
your femmie sweet sound became the fuel,
that fanned the inferno...
Oh! I couldn't put out the flames!

Then my heart went nova..
Did you see it go? It was quite a show,
there really was no choice!
I trembled, shook and was so amazed.
Ohhh, my heart burned and roared, It really blazed!

Now my torch was glowing!
On my face, the love from inside was showing.
My passion for you had been lighted..
Like a red hot furnace, it just ignited!
There was spontaneous combustion!
An atomic blast..on automatic function.
Uhh! I'd never been so alive, or felt so excited!

My feelings for you burned bright and hot,
day or night, they never stopped!

Now, suddenly full of passion,
but lacking understanding,
my heart blazed like the Morning Star!
Loving you unconditionally,
like a child, with an innocent smile,
who loves someone from afar.

Then finally, when you asked me to..
You found me close at your side,
standing right next to you.
So to help make your dreams come true,
I gave you everything, I gave it all to you.

I just thrill to your touch,
I can't seem to get enough..
And whatever I thought I had before,
is gone, it's out the door,
Now since I've found you,
I know I'm right, I know for it for sure.

The eastern wind softly whispers your name..
a natural mystery, that I just can't explain.
I can see you now in everything.
Yes it's all the same.
Oh it's so very clear, yes so very plain,
in the earth, the sky, even in the gentle rains.

I just thrill to your touch,
(there will never be enough)
And whatever I thought I had before,
I've pushed that out the door, since I've found you.

Sincere thanks to my God above..whom I adore.

by Robert Ratts

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