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I Just Wanted A Friend

How many times was i there for you?
You said he wasn't even your friend.
How long was I on the phone with you?
A little misunderstanding, its the end.

A friend. That's all I wanted to be.
Then you trust HER[of all people] over me.
You ended the one thing that mattered
This is not the first time my heart has been shattered

I hate crying. You know that.
I just want my best friend back.
I could care less what girl you do
It hurts the most 'cuz i love you

Just as a friend, i wanted no more
You liked to party and drink a lot
You were stupid over that girl
'It's no good for you' i said. I never told you to stop.

'I love you buddy, you're a good friend'
'Friends stick together' is what'd you'd said
**** you! you hurt me, kid.
You said you wouldn't but you ****in did!

Who do i talk to? who do i tell?
2 tears... then a million more.
You were my best friend... kid
I can't stand not bein your friend anymore

I said 'I dont care, it woulda happened'
But darling who do I talk to now?
I prayed for a friend, I got you...
Now I want to pray but i forgot how...

So as the blade does grace
My wrist, I forgive. Again.
I never wanted drama, darling,
I just wanted a friend

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