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I Just Wanted You To Know

I sit her writing this poem
Longing to let go
Would you even notice?
Would you even know?

Coz everyone says it’s ok
But they don’t see the tears
They only see the smile I use
To hide the pain and fears

The feelings are still with me
The heartache still inside
You left me with eternal pain
Which I can no longer hide

Forgive me for doing this
The tears fall so hard
My heart ripped in tiny bits
My wrists all slashed and scarred

I didn’t want to leave this way
But couldn’t face the life ahead
I cried so many hurtful tears
Lay there on the bed

Read this poem carefully
You’ll see I had to go
Remember that I love you
I just wanted you to know!

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Comments (2)

i hope the one u want this to read, reads.. u have sent the message through... simple and straight from the heart... genuine
Owww.....such a sad lil' poem..i feel ur pain thru these simple lines...... look forward 2 reading more of ur poems.