I Keep On Getting Older

I keep on getting older as the Seasons come and go
And time of us all the master it leaves us walking slow
But if 'tis any consolation the baby born today
Will one day too as many do in age hide time's decay
The young man of the sixties looking the worst for wear
The wrinkles that the years brought, the greyness in his hair
And as we age it does seem our biological clock ticks fast
And though our prime years we remember the past is in the past
Every time I pass a burial ground where life's departed lay
I cannot help but think that their fate will be my fate one day
The funeral bell that rang for them will one day ring for me
Though it can be said of Life's Reaper that he creates equality
I keep on getting older the years on me do tell
And for my age I cannot say that I look fit and well.

by Francis Duggan

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