I Was In The Darkness;

I was in the darkness;
I could not see my words
Nor the wishes of my heart.
Then suddenly there was a great light --

"Let me into the darkness again."

by Stephen Crane

Comments (5)

You've got to keep thinkin'! . First rate analytical content, and good progression built into the structure, leading us through the poet's mind as it traverses the possibilities and reaches conclusions. Very solid writing Linda, and a rock solid attitude on display! xx jim
LINDA... This one is a beauty... I loved the boldness and the challenge tone! Its such a smooth piece to read through and the theme is well narrated through your talent.
LISTEN.MIDNIGHT...If ya' got something to say....speak up for god's sake! Love it M.B.>>>Emotional conviction, in it's most Absolute form...You have the rare gift of conveying commanding, yet controlled Emotion....a Superb Penning! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/FJR
I keep thinkin' great poem, Linda! ! Brian
Pretty good life lesson here Linda. Choice. Lead a horse to water and all that. Don't bend over backward too much though.