They keep us alive
Like existence in this world
We strive to survive.

Reaching for our dreams
Is like longing to be loved
We're courageous and persistent
We pursue and we're patient.

Are like steps we need to take
Or days we need to start
With hopes to make and not to break.

In reaching for our dreams
We may fail or succeed
What matters is that we know
We did our best indeed.

by Eve Young

Comments (2)

I found this poem about phone frustration and perhaps obsession intriguing and powerfully deep. On a lighter not, I have similar problems with British gas when paying the bill on the phone. Steve
I know how you feel...and when you are trying to get contact with that special someone you lost...they think little of you...like you're a stalker...good work expressing how you feel...i could never do such a good job Love Tori