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I Kept Dialling
FK Frederick Kesner (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

I Kept Dialling

Since we parted on that day
I have wanted some things to say
So I dialled and tried again
Even though it was way past seven

Whatever happened to your phone
That my fingers should turn to stone
And if I cast a message with my pen
In agony must I wait full days seven

I've been going mad trying to ring you
'Til all my fingertips turn blue
It drives my patience up a tree
And keeps me wide awake till three

The phone would not ring, it never does
If it did you'd wonder about the fuss
Or then you'd jump about with glee
When I keep you wide awake till three

I wonder if you stay there still
Or if you didn't foot the bill
Or did you walk out through my door
It's another day so I'm up at four

But I'll be home again in time
They'd think that phoning was a crime
‘Need enlightenment to keep alive
Can't wait till that clock strikes five


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I found this poem about phone frustration and perhaps obsession intriguing and powerfully deep. On a lighter not, I have similar problems with British gas when paying the bill on the phone. Steve
I know how you feel...and when you are trying to get contact with that special someone you lost...they think little of you...like you're a stalker...good work expressing how you feel...i could never do such a good job Love Tori