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I Kept On Going
SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

I Kept On Going

Poem By samuel nze

I kept on going
Even though the road was rough
Life's journey became death's trap
Hamstrings and frustrations
The livelong day
Electronic hatred, mechanic wickedness,
Mindless perjury
I was rendered incommunicado
By hooded men with black
Spitters of fire
They broke the window
Clang, clang and pieces of glass
Came crashing in
At the door, in and gun at my
Shift back, shift back -
A sudden scar at the arm
Blind nonrecognition
Head bowed in forced awe
I had no money
Poverty for once a blessing
But I had my electronic talker
I had to give it to them
Back out, back out
The show is over
And no applause
It was too dark at night
For a show without spot
And floodlights
I keep on going
Though life gets tougher
I keep on living
Evading death's trap.

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