I Kiss

Poem By Gencay

What am I with in this world without you?
If you exist, I live like poetry,
If you're not there, I'll write you poems,
What else am I with in this world?
I gave you my youth
I grew up loving you
And I grow old Loving You
What am I with in this world?

Me and you aging
It makes me young,
The God you believe in, Ma'am.
He made me love you
I'm not breaking your promise.
I still exist
I've never been in my way
I love you still
Other neyr would I?

But sometimes I get lost
I'm losing my sanity
God be with you ma'am
He didn't give me more than love...
What is God, Ma'am?
Love? From the wound? Beauty?
I don't know exactly
But you follow that description!

But he is immortal, you will say
When did the lovers die, ma'am?
Ahh, how glorious you are in my eyes,
If only you knew, if only you knew, if only you knew...
You who may never know that I exist,
He'll never read these poems,
And that I remain faithless
That I didn't know anything while you were gone...

Think of a burning life for the sake of truth
Religious symbols
Book, pulpit
Something big, sacred
As someone who kisses with sacred feelings
I kiss, in a sacred way
Your beautiful eyes, your heart
Because I'm burning for the sake of truth
Because you are my truth...

The water flows, like my life
I'll go with him, you'll go
I go inside, we go
We'll find our bed,
You looked out your window.
The universe is shining before you
Love sleeps in our bed
And I kiss your God's heart
Kiss in your lips...

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A beautiful love poem written from the heart, lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing.

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