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I Kissed Her

I kissed her
Now we can't be apart for more then a mintue
Without missing each other

It's like
We're the only one's there
Everything else has disappeared

Starring into her eye's
Knowing she's the only one i want
No one can make me happier

It's been four days
Since i've really talked to her
This is really driving me mad

Up waiting
Hoping she would hurry up and come home
Cause I'm really missing her

To think this all started with one kiss
On the side of grandma's house
In the middle of our favorite season

Only a couple more years
Then we can be together without hiding
And finally get married

This year has gone by so fast
It's been so crazy
No to say it's been good

Well for the most part
I love her so much
She's my beautiful baby girl

No matter how much
People have tried to break us up
We always manage to stay together

Cause when i kissed her
She fell in love
See what just one kiss from me can do

She's all mine
You can't have her
Cause i won her heart when i kissed her

She's the greatest thing
That has ever happened to me
I'm glad she's mine

I would gladly give my life for her
Even if we were fighting
She's worth it

I love her
I kissed her
Now she's mine

I kissed a girl
Tell dad i'm sorry
There's nothing he can do

It's too late
I kissed her
I fell in love

She's perfect
Just the girl i was looking for
I couldn't ask for anyone else!


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This is lovely Brandi, very sweet. Moyaxx