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I Knew A Boy
JM (26/02/92 / Glasgow)

I Knew A Boy

Poem By Jade McNaughton

I knew a boy he was so young,
A few years old thats all he was,
His body lay there on the ground,
For this body it would be found,
By the person I do not know,
For it may have been his mum,
Or even one of his sisters,
And yes they were quite young,
For the oldest she was only nine,
And these evil doings are in their minds,
It will leave them with hearbreak for the rest of their life,
No-one will forget the picture they think in their minds,
When they were told this boy was not alive,
And his friends of only three and four,
Have been told they'll see him no-more,
How can you tell such sad things,
To little kids this young,
This news will spread and it will get old,
For the boy who won't ever grow old,
But he'll be there in peoples minds and forever in their lives.

In Memory Of Brandon Clawson,
Rest In Peace. xxx

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