يا مالِ! إحدى صروف الدهر قد طرقتْ

يا مالِ! إحدى صروف الدهر قد طرقتْ يا مالِ! ما أنْتُمُ عنها بنُزّاحِ
يا مالِ! جاءت حياض الموت، واردة من بين غمر، فخضناه، وضحضاحِ

by حاتم الطائي

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stranger is he who the unknown passer by and the poet sees him in several opportunities and it is a mystery of identity and anyway a poem much interested.
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I think, and I may be wrong that the mystery of life is somehow in the Author's mind. How many friends we might have made it's all a question of circumstance, the where and the when.It's like Dons No man is an island too. And another quotation, that an enemy is out there, turn him into a friend. Daphne Grant
When One Writes or Paints a picture...This comes from the HEART. If others choose to respond or view This...These reactions come from the SOUL. How One decides to *PERCEIVE IT ALL...IS entirely up to themselves. ~SUPPORT IS STRENGTH~