Innocence Regained

I was visibly moved and perturbed
Out of gear completely and disturbed
Mind so much occupied and probed,
Hair straight up as if not combed,

The moment childhood was over
Innocence and good smile lost the cover
Fight for survival and supremacy gained,
All sort of indecency settled in mind and regained

Nobody could actually judge the real face behind
Foes stopped guessing and baffled the friends
How could a small boy of yesterday could boldly stand?
Uneasy prevalence of calm on face and statesman like trend?

I learnt all the tolerance through the slapping of teacher
Something more gathered from the speeches of preacher,
Rest all came from sweet tongue of beloved mother,
Assertive and bold initiative attitude from father,

I was well trained for crisis and mastered the art,
Was in full capacity to raise big mart?
Inner capabilities and tactics used at full length,
Confidence and trust was the main strength,

My eyes couldn’t believe this could happen
All friends starred with eyes wide open
I was getting success with masterly stroke
Without hurting anybody and not even to provoke

I made them wonder when met across the street
Scaling new heights everyday with all the challenges to meet
Not compromising at all with even own principles
Admiration and applause more as if from staunch disciples

When I sit on the top of the hill,
And look back to think of strong will
I needed to pursue it with simple kill,
It was efforts and strong desire coupled with zeal

What I did was in pursuant of the goal
You hand will get dirty in business of coal
It is not easy to survive in race
How many difficulties you have to f ace?

I did and managed whatever was possible
I proved to self and others what was impossible
I steered the course amidst rough weather
It was adding glory and fame in feather

Person should not retire but must think
Eyes to be kept open and to wink
Whatever done In past was really essential?
Was it potential danger or test crucial?

I think I must go back to regain innocence,
Prove its worth and avoid pretence,
I must live in present and feel the presence,
Truly emotional but invariably with essence,

My present should not shadow the past,
No doubts should prevail and vote the cast,
I want to regain the precious innocence,
Live with it as if nothing happened since

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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