I Know

I said its about time
You get on with your life,
Boy I know your going threw a lot of pain and strife.

Just take a deep breathe,
Let it all out,
I know we can work this out,
Just dont scream and shout.

I know how you feel,
You feel empty on the inside,
But that doesnt give you the right to hurt yourself on the outside.

I know it hurts,
I know it burns,
But listen to me i'm only trying to do what works.

I know she hurt you,
So is there anything I can do?
Anything to take the pain away,
Just tell me what to do or say.
I know I can be your friend,
Or more than a friend,
But one thing i know is that i'll stick by yourside,
Until our lives end.

by Charlie Watson

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a true friend to stick with another when all seems dim and dull a true gift and a wonderful poem