I Know

I know life for many not easy and i know life it can be unfair
But you are not alone in your worries most people have some cross to bear
Not everyone are born to billionaire parents and destined the good life to enjoy
And millions of children are hungry and homeless life's hard for the poor girl and boy.

I know you are one of the have nots but in the bigger World out there
So many are doomed to grow poorer for one to become a millionaire
That many of the more ruthless are successful that does seem a sad thing to say
And the less ruthless seem less successful though it always has been this way.

I know you have known hard times lately but in that you are not alone
There are millions of people like you and hard times so many have known
For millions life is a great battle the only war they have to fight
The sky is the only roof they know as they try to sleep hungry at night.

I know you find life a real battle and of late you are doing it quite tough
And at times you do feel suicidal you feel like enough is enough
You feel the World is against you that on you someone has put a curse
But things for you can only get better for surely they cannot get worse.

by Francis Duggan

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