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Very Hard Effort

Very hard

Friday, January 26,2018
11: 55 AM

If you have jealous mind
You shall never find
Heart full of kindness
And face full of happiness

You shall never witness
And trace
The peace and stability
That is real beauty

If you develop gentleness
And reflect its emergence That shall be really signifacance
And should be construedwith importance

If heart remains rude
Shows no willingness to include
Others happiness
That shall be really bad phase

We are here to show the tolerance
And not to create the situation to make it tense
Add fuel to fire
And show no gesture to admire

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It could be a good poem if it wasn't for those spelling mistakes here and there. You have some smooth rhymes but a rather awkward rhytm, still, nice work Jenna, or should I address you as Ms. Blair? -Erasmo
this poem ROX its heaps mad lol cya