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I Know....
DW david winkler ( / )

I Know....

I love you more than the bees do there honey,
So sweet and caring and so so funny,
I'll never forget the times that we shared,
But treasure them for all eternity squared,
I never knew that i was the fool,
That was messing everything up even in school,
I walked by your with your hair flowing like the rivers,
But all you saw was a guy that shivers,
A guy that shakes and shakes and wont let go,
I never meant to be that guy that couldn't show,
That you were fine and I was just scared,
And the nights I've sit and stared,
Of all the wrongs that I have now done,
And the break up that no one won,
I was a fool forgive me so,
Or I'll never understand or even know,
If you truly love me the way you say,
That of which i used to hear everyday.

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