I Know

I know what it's like
To be really stressed
All alone and sad
Down and deeply depressed

No one to share it with
No one to talk to
No one to listen
When I'm feeling blue

I make the blade meet my wrist
Down my arm the blood flows
I start to feel dizzy, unsteady
My heart is beating slow

And then I think the worst
What if I die here on the floor?
Would my family members cry,
Would my friends care for me anymore?

I wish you could disappear
Into thin air
No one will miss me
No one will care

This is what I think?
When I'm all alone
When there's no one to go to
No one to talk to on the phone

My friends are back-stabbers
School is a nightmare
Everyone picks on me
It's all so unfair!

Poeple call me names
And that cuts real deep
It's in my room I cry
Where the dark thoughts creep...

by Shazza Rixx

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