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I Know A Girl

I know a girl
Just by her words
Words are important to her
She has been though pain
Has felt abandonment
And mistreatment
No wonder then its hard to trust
To feel cared for and understood
No wonder she seems harder than she is
And still pushes some away
No wonder she found it hard to believe in God
But I find her to be true
I find her to be not so hard to understand
I find her to be seeking honesty
Though few words are exchanged
I tried to show her care
I didn't think she realized or noticed
But she did..
she gave a gift that made me cry
she did notice that I try
And when she found a feeling of peace come over her
Like a cooling wind, she felt a spiritual feeling
As if God had touched her briefly....she felt it
She gave me a beautiful gift
She told me that she regarded me as brave
She felt my kind words too
It made me feel that some good has come out of the blue
That somehow little things matter
And it made me feel happy inside
Just to know that someone feels a little weight lifting off her
Because I know how heavy it feels
And I'd do anything I could to help
But I know it must be felt by her
The sweetest gift was that she thought first to tell me
That meant a lot to me and I won't likely ever forget.

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Pablo Neruda

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