I Know A Man

I know a man a middle aged man and he is unemployed
And he tell me that he has lost his dignity and pride
And it's his first time out of work and that his favourite hate
Is going up to the dole house to draw welfare from the State.

He worked as builders labourer till recession bit in
And his boss man became bankrupt and had to let go all his men
And now he feels he's half a man that unemployment stands for shame
And that all those on the dole queue are tagged with sponger name.

And he has searched and hoped for work and hope has let him down
And he may never work again at least not in this town
And there is little choice for him but live from hand to mouth
And keep his wife and children on half his working wage
State hand out.

He think himself a parasite since he doesn't work for pay
And he doesn't have a hobby for to pass the time away
And there is little cause for joy on a future on the dole
To one who look on welfare as poison to the soul.

I know a man a middle aged man and he's four years with two score
And he doesn't like the idle life to him it's quite a bore
And he would gladly take a job of work of any kind
But he may never work again as jobs are hard to find.

by Francis Duggan

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