I Know A Man Many Times A Millionaire

I know a man many times a millionaire he lives a simple life
He lives in a bungalow in a seaside town with his long term devoted wife
And with them their miniature black poodle that they walk every day
Which they treat as one of the family with most people and their dog it is this way

An ageing couple close to if not seventy well beyond their life prime
With grandchildren in their late teens they are feeling the wear of time
With money he is very mean he finds it hard to spend
Though he has far more than enough of it to see himself and his wife to their life's journey's end

That he is many times a millionaire even to strangers he does boast
But because he is not a generous man none to him ever drink a toast
That he talks so much about his successful life it obviously does seem
That he craves recognition and is one low in self esteem

I often meet him and his wife walking their dog she never does have much to say
But he more than makes up for her on that count he would talk and talk all day
That he is many times a millionaire he will gladly have you know
Though the trappings of wealth in the clothes he wear i have yet to see him show.

by Francis Duggan

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