For Ravyn

My dear Ravyn
This will be our twenty fifth year together.
You have been my life for half of my life now.
And no, I don't mean in my life, I mean my life,
for without you I would only be half a life.

Sometimes, it seems like we have always been together
You as my husband and me as your wife.
Then I will look at you and see the silver starting
to shine in your hair and the crows feet around your eyes,
and am startled, because it seems like just yesterday that we met.

I remember when we first met.
How I thought you were such a know it all,
But yet I thought you had such a great smile.
That smile is what lured me in, my love.

I remember our first date,
When I found out there was so much more to you
than what was just on the surface.
How I, who didn't believe in love at first sight
Found myself engaged to you, two weeks after that first date.

The Good Lord knows we have had our share
of bad times.
Many days when driving down the road I thought how easy it would
be to just keep driving.
Then us laughing when you admitted you had had the same thoughts.
Yet we always came home to one another.

I remember how you would send beautiful
bouquets of flowers to me at work
for Valentines and Anniversary's.
To show your love for me.

But while I still enjoy the flowers sometimes,
The little things you do are so much more important.
Like when you bring me home a new bottle of germ X,
Because you noticed mine was almost empty
and knew I would freak out without it.

Like when you bring me a fresh cup of coffee
And a bar of chocolate candy.
Or hold me in your arms and call me baby cakes,
And tell me to just cry and let out whatever is bothering me.
That is really how you show you love me.

Yes, you can be obnoxious, maddening, and more
irritating than any one I know sometimes.
But most of all, you are the most loving, kind and caring
And my best friend to whom I can share all my secrets with.

You make me feel safe.
I don't believe you are afraid of anything in this world.
You are my protector, my partner.
Yours is the face I always want to see first thing in the morning
And the last thing I see at night.
I love you forever Ravyn.

by Pearl L Johns

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..............beautiful poem with a beautiful rhythm ★