Her Beauty

Her beauty is like a diamond in the sky
Where shooting stars would be ashamed to fly
For she's the fairest star of all heaven
And her name is the sweetest i have spoken
Her eyes glitter when touched by light
Distant will notice even in the darkness of night
Her fragrance is like a heavens scent
Perfume of attraction as she pass by is left

Her beauty is like a natures mystery
That no one can explain its enchanting beauty
For she's the prettiest of all flowers
No wonder butterflies dances around her
A bewildered flower that moves so gently
Every time wind whisper sways so gracefully
But within the beauty of this gentle flower
You will see whats so special about her

Her beauty is like a masterpiece of art
No one can paint it not without a heart
For her beauty no one can duplicate
Even the sculptures hand can never imitate
Her voice is like an irresistible serenity
Every time she speak cast a spell on me
For her beauty is too much for the human eyes
For its a blessing from the heavenly skies

For this poems beauty is my creation
For her beauty is my inspiration

by romel Gandilan

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