I Know Am Loving, And 'Tis Lovely

Poem By Kassim Mohammed Ahmed

My ways ‘bout beauty was lacking

up until she is here, a blinding fairness

She smiled to me, and I knew I was loving,

and it's lovely

She says hi

and am like, ma'am

She, passing fair, genuine, orderly and tidy

Dominating, and am unworthy

But she smiled to me, and I knew I was loving

And it's lovely

Her name is sweet music

writ with lightning across my gentle heart

Her superlative voice, along melodies path

She desires, and am glad at duty, energetic

She smiles to me, and I know am loving

And it's lovely

as she moves like a full moon across the skies

Illuminating the dark that along its path may lie

what grace to be company

to which I'd wager all, if there's any

She smiles to me, and I know am loving

And it's lovely

She's a star in my scenes in sleep

This's fruit in wake, that I reaped

Shall I wake to her figure by my side?

To worship and honour till my demise

I do not require morphine.

She's enough opium

Let her smile to me, or be soothed with her wine

flowing unend, her person, a podium

When she smiles to me, I kpnow am loving

And it's lovely

Shall I wish for more

than in her arms, a cuddling?

by ourselves ashore

leaving the world behind to be declared missing

Then she smiles to me, and I know am loving

and 'tis lovely

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