I Know Every Doggerel I Do Pen

I know every doggerel I do pen is one doggerel nearer to my last
And I know the years on me are telling that my better days are in the past
But why worry for what never can be and why pine for what has long gone
The love of life is what should matter and the will to keep on keeping on
I know life for many is not easy and many far worse off than me
And that fifty per cent of the human population are living in dire poverty
I feel in life I have been lucky that lady luck is on my side
Circumstances of birth not against me and to a fair go I've never been denied,
For millions life is their great battle of hope they do live in despair
They will live and they will die as the have nots of the bigger World out there
One must pity the poor and forgotten though they need more than sympathy
Though all people supposed to be equal in a World of inequality
But the Reaper makes everyone equal since to his scythe everyone does fall
So why not drink a toast to the Reaper and a toast to a fair go for all.

by Francis Duggan

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