I Know How It Feels

I know how it feels yes I do know when you talk of your lack of success
When you tell me of your sad existence and your constant battle with stress
For many the journey through life's a hard journey and they must struggle on to the end
And on that long and tiring journey not everyone you meet a friend
Weighed down by the judgements of the judgemental who dismiss you as a never do well
Such people only worth ignoring who condemn others to earthly hell
They do not pay your rent or your food bills yet to find fault they feel is their right
These insensitive and ignorant people are obviously lacking on insight
Just get on with your life and living and ignore the negative things of you some others do say
They are not your friends so why worry your bills they don't help for to pay
I know how it feels yes I do know to be poor should not be a sin
In life you are just one of millions of battlers who find it so hard for to win
But you ought to ignore the judgemental who find pleasure in putting you down
They swell the ranks of the small minded in Village and City and Town.

by Francis Duggan

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