I Know How You Feel

I find it quite amusing,
That those who do not know others...
Can tell anyone how the one unknown,
Spends their time...
In a doing to them unseen or shown.

I like that expression...'I know how you feel.'

Then you wouldn't mind if I took a sledgehammer,
And hit you over the head with it a few times?
And if you wait here for a second...
I will call around to see if I could rent a Mac Truck,
To knock you down to roll over at least twice.~

People have no clue what others go through.
Even those living together,
Will say they know nothing of what the others do.
And they may be brothers, fathers, mothers and sisters too.

People do not care about anyone else,
Unless it is to the best of their interest.

And those who do show and express a genuine interest...
They are not suspected to be human.
At least not to have suffered through the experience,
Of being one.

Only those that have laid down like a welcome mat,
To have crap and all kinds of dirt rubbed on their backs...
Can say they qualify to raise a high eyebrow.
Or express an opinion no one likes to hear.
And that's the point of view everyone should respect.
Not the one created by someone pretending to know,
What they don't.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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